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By: andaq fithry

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Friday, 6-Apr-2007 15:34 Email | Share | Bookmark
basikal bukit

before the nice ride to Cherakah up Bukit Sapu Tangan
wanna move a bike? call 1-800-bike-mover
Bkt Bandaraya pick-up point. hey my car looks good with a Thule!
flats! it's catching on. and it works!
Frim's beautiful sceneries. siot muka aku tak nampak
aaaahh.. sejuknya air terjun ni. tp ada bau kencing la! chist!
i left my Powerbar in the car. Dang!
line up at diqa's
McDonalds supports bikers. cool!
one of the Three failed Mulleteers
salmahku sayang
Kiara Twin Peaks pose
my dumb
attempt at
being a
freerider. hahaha
lompat si katak lompat
oh lompatannya tak berapa tinggi hahaha

all these while, my bike has been my trustworthy companion. my long-lasting friendship however absurd it may sound heh. (ehem, sorry syg, you are, and will always be my number ONE)

i've been through hell and to be honest, that darn bike is the only thing that keeps me going when i'm tired of the world i live in. gives me a breather, every single time, minus some bad days riding.

cross country, downhill, dirtjump, freeride.. you name it.. we all want to be a part of those. or maybe, we want it all. we want to be a biker who can ride up fire roads uphill without a sweat and swoop fast and deadly downhill slopes like a madman while doing suicidal stunts like chris smith. what the fcuk

but now.. it seems that things have gotten for the worst. we started out a bunch of happy trailheads. after over a year of riding, one by one slips out and we are left to only a handful. such pity. such pity.

i bid farewell to kiara that made us mountainbikers. and friends that have walked away for reasons only known to them.

but we won't stop. we'll just smile and say hello to FRIM. and a lot of trails nation-wide we only dare to dream. and a big thank to Batu Dam for making us who we are.


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